Ellen M. DuBois is from New England and began her writing career in high school, freelancing for a small town paper. She continued her passion for poetry, and wrote theatre reviews while attending college. Ms. DuBois is a singer/songwriter and was emcee/lead singer in a wedding band for three years. She is the author of the miscarriage support book "I Never Held You" and Host of the miscarriage support site MiscarriageHelp.com>

Background Information

  • Published: I Never Held You-PAPERBACK, NEW, EXPANDED EDITION, DLSIJ Press- a book on miscarriage, healing and recovery. Purchase at Amazon.com 2006
  • Published: I Never Held You-DLSIJ Press, an ebook about Ms. DuBois experiences with miscarriage, grief and recovery. 2000
  • Published: More God Allows U-Turns, Barbour Publishing/Promise Press, The Angel In The Dumpster, 2001
  • Published: Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders, Success Stories, Strategies and other Good News, Hunterhouse Publishing, With commentaries by Paul Foxman, PH.D., Winning My Battle With Anxiety 2002
  • Published: Jackie's Heart-PublishAmerica, "One woman's experiences in love, adversity and second chances...combining enough criminal activity to build and hold the reader's interest." 2003
  • Published: Sisters, SPS Studios, Inc., the publisher of Blue Mountain Arts, to be released in, a book of poetry honoring sisters 2004
  • Published: Romancing the Soul, Zumaya Publications, Dorothy Thompson, Editor, 2004
  • Published: egreetings by Ms. DuBois by Angelrays.com- Love, Friendship, Mother, Father, Sister, Holiday, Christmas, Angels and more. Click here for greetings and inspirational works by Ms. DuBois.
  • Coming Soon! "Spiritual Visitations," Heather Froeschl, Author & Editor, Quilldipper
  • Upcoming Works: "Things My Mother Taught Me," published by The Rees-Bowens/Tillicum Books, (Half of the proceeds go to women's shelters. "Celebrations: Letters to God," edited by Paul Andrew Dawkins of The Dawkins Project, and over two dozen poems in market review with SPS Studios Inc., the publishers of Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards.

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Description: Need some poetic content for your website? Poetry, egreetings, writer's resources, etc., by Ellen DuBois, poet and author of I Never Held You.

REMINDER: For content users: If you do decide to use a poem or two, please be sure the link above appears directly below it, linking to the URL above. Thank you! Both the miscarriage and the anxiety book are very close to my heart. Having miscarried 13 years ago, (never dreaming I'd write a book about it), I felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to write it. It wasn't something I planned- the idea hit and hit hard. I know that God wanted me to share my personal journey through pain and loss with others. That applies to both my miscarriage and my nearly sixteen year bout with anxiety attacks. Through those adversities, I was able to reach others dealing with the same, which is my primary goal in writing.

Poetry and lyrics are like air to me. If I feel something, I write it. People ask me how I do it so 'quickly'. I just say: If you have something to say, you say it and I write it! I believe we ALL have gifts to share with each other - finding them, exploring them and daring to put yourself out there for the world to see is what life's about- to me.


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I'm also the author of a book on miscarriage, healing and recovery entitled I Never Held You. If you'd like to view it on Amazon.com, it's right here.

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Hello. I'm Ellen. Thank you for stopping by.

Welcome to Writings of the Heart- Free Poetic Content & Writer's Resources.

Poetry is one of my passions, and I've decided to share much of it with you for your own personal use on websites, etc. If you decide to use one of my poems on your website, I simply ask that you give a link back to this site and proper credit, (me- grin) on your site. I'd be both humbled and honored if just one of my poems touched your heart. I’ve finally been published by Blue Mountain Arts! Oh, this was a long time waiting…I think that’s one of the most frustrating things about writing and submitting. Like the song goes, “the waiting is the hardest part.” However, I didn’t quit, kept submitting, (for years and still am to SPS Studios, the publisher of Blue Mountain Arts), and now have a greeting card in two of their lines called “I Whispered A Prayer Or Two For You”. What a FEELING! I haven’t seen what the second version of the card looks like, but when I get it, I’ll let you know. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out about the first card…AND the second! My heart felt like it was in my throat.

Speaking of hearts, I've written three books: Jackie's Heart, I Never Held You-a book about miscarriage, healing and recovery, and my newest, A-Z Affirmations- Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. I Never Held You is far more than a book to me; it's become my life's mission and passion. Helping women and their families after miscarriage is so important to me. After my miscarriage fifteen-plus years ago, I was SO alone and felt extremely misunderstood. So, I took I Never Held You to the next level by making the book much longer-(it was a short, successful ebook for over five years), by including many tools to heal and valuable contributions from people like Dr. Linda Backman, licensed Psychologist and Grief Counselor. (Thank YOU Linda!) I've been told that many of the healing techniques offered in I Never Held You help with anxiety attacks. I believe this is true because I'm a twenty-year veteran of panic and anxiety attacks, so the affirmations, suggested relaxation techniques, and so on, in I Never Held You spill from my life & into my book. After all, my miscarriage was a significant trigger to my anxiety attacks. Many stressful times in life are triggers to panic/anxiety.

(If you need support after miscarriage, click here and visit MiscarriageHelp.com- the companion support site to my book. It's free and there's no log in required). Even if you haven't miscarried, I am confident my book, I Never Held You will be a perfect helper in calming your anxiety attacks, and it will gently guide you towards healing and recovery after miscarriage.

I wish you peace, calm, and the ability to know that your grief can be ‘gotten through’, your anxiety attacks CAN be brought under control or eliminated completely, and that you will feel like YOU again. Perhaps you’ll feel changed because you’ve grown. But, isn’t part of life change?

God Bless in all you do, Ellen (If you click on my name, it will bring you to my official author site).

New! How To Help a Woman After A Miscarriage. By Ellen DuBois, published by HowToDoThings.com

For an article & book review, (I Never Held You), written by Betsy Nazar:Easton Author Shares Personal Pain So That Others May Heal- Click here

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